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On May 9th, 2019, RSRCHXchange was acquired by Liquidnet - click here to read the press release

Liquidnet is a technology-driven, global institutional investment network that intelligently connects the world's investors to the world's investments. Founded in 1999, Liquidnet's network has grown to include more than 1000 institutional investors that collectively manage $33 trillion in equity and fixed income assets. The network spans 46 markets across six continents and seamlessly connects institutional brokers, investment banks, exchanges, alternative trading venues, and a growing list of data and research providers.

Through our award-winning suite of products, RSRCHXchange is helping more than 1,200 asset management firms and over 400 banks, brokers and independent research providers with a marketplace for buying and selling research, and an advanced platform for managing consumption. We are continuously improving the user experience around research consumption and distribution and remain a technology-led company, whilst also solving for complex regulatory issues like MiFID II research unbundling. We are committed to collaborating with other best-in-breed solutions to provide clients with the best combination of services available. Research, however, remains at our core and is our primary focus.

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One-stop-shop for reading, tracking and evaluating research from banks, brokers and independent providers and a store-front to purchase new research.

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Simple, cost-effective solution for delivering research to clients in compliance with MiFID II, taking back control of your distribution, and a marketplace to generate new business.

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